About me ...

My name is Briana Landorf. As far as I can remember, music has always been a fundamental part of my life, since I was a child. My passion for music grew stronger every year, until I decided to try and compose my own music. At the beginning it was just a game, but then it became something I needed to do and a way to express myself. Even though my first efforts where in composing metal music, I then tried to write dark ambient music, inspired by the awesome atmospheres created by Lustmord, Nox Arcana, Dark Sanctuary and many other masters of this wondrous musical style: so, my first dark ambient song (Highland Ghost) was born, in 2016.

Dark and gothic worlds hold a beauty that not everybody can understand ... if you are one of those people who stare in awe at a cemetery, a gothic cathedral or a dark place (whatever it is), please check my music on YouTube (link on the upper-right side of the Home Page) and let me know what your feelings are listening to my music; otherwise, you can find all of my songs in the "Music" page of this website for free listening and free download. Remember that I need your feedback to improve my musical skills! And remember that dark ambient music is made of the emotions of those who listen to it ... without you, my music is nothing.

I like to define myself a composer more than a musician: all the songs you listen to are composed using a virtual synth(Linux Multi Media Studio), without the use of keys.

Latest videos

Palästinalied - Dark Electro Version

Welcome back you dark music lovers. After covering "In der Halle des Bergkönigs" by Edvard Grieg, I now come up with a medieval song, that maybe some of you already know: "Palästinalied", which is a crusader song written in the 13th century by Walther von der Vogelweide. This is my personal dark electro version, hope you'll dance and enjoy!

Thanatophobia - Dark ambient/electro music

Thanatophobia is a mental disorder belonging to the group of phobias and it consists in the intense fear of dying and/or being dead. It's different from a generic fear of death, because there's no trigger (such as an actual danger or hazard) that causes the onset of fear; simply, the abrupt thinking of something related to death causes panic. I suffered (and, partly, still suffer) from thanatophobia and this phobia, paradoxically, led me to who I am now, to my love for everything that is dark, gloomy, melancholic and related to death. I don't know why this phobia led me to this (maybe my mind found only this way to exorcise the phobia), but ... that's how the story is, so I decided to dedicate a song to my phobia. I chose an electro/techno music style to create this song, because I think it better suits the feeling of fear and panic related to a phobia. Hope you'll enjoy!

Cattedrale - Dark Ambient Music

Happy new year, you dark music lovers. This is my new song: Cattedrale. The title is the Italian word for "cathedral" and I've chosen this language because I particularly love how this word sounds in Italian ... somehow solemn. Imagine you are entering a gothic cathedral and you look around: you are surrounded by columns, statues, pinnacles, stained glasses and everything is clad in a peaceful shadow that hides from the dim light of flickering candles. Suddenly, the organ starts to play a melody and, then, it is joined by the voices of monks chanting the vespers.

When the Mountain Exploded: Pompeii - Dark Ambient Music

Hi everyone! Here I am with another original song. With this one I wanted to narrate the story of the very last hours of Pompeii, that in 79 AD has been completely destroyed by the eruption of mount Vesuvius. I imagined three moments: the beginning of a peaceful ordinary day; the earth that abruptly starts to quake and the volcano that destroys everything around with a rain of burning ashes and pumice; the desolation just after the eruption, made of gray fields of ash and dead bodies buried beneath them, there where just few hours before were houses, shops and human beings simply living their lives.

Friede seiner Asche - Dark Ambient Music

For those of you who like requiems, here it is my new song. For non-German speakers, "Friede seiner Asche" is an expression that means "May his soul rest in peace". I really like it, because in German it sounds like "Peace to his ashes" and, in my opinion, it's particularly poetic. Hope you'll enjoy!

Stained Glasses - Dark Ambient Music

Silence, please. You are entering a holy place. No words are needed when you enter a beautiful cathedral or church: just stare in wonder and look at the architecture that surrounds you, the dim light of candles and the colourful stained glasses through which the rays of light rain down. The sole sound that fills the vaults is the melody played by the pipe organ. The atmosphere is sacral and otherworldly. The picture you see is the apse of St. Francis Church in Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

Apocalyptic Moon - Dark Drone Ambient

The times are hard. Undoubtedly. But, I suppose, for many of us music is an anchor that helps us to go always ahead and never give up. So, I went on writing music, which is one of by biggest passions in life and here's my new song, Apocalyptic Moon. I want to tell you the story of it. The idea came to me a night I was returning home (I don't remember exactly where I have been, but I remember it was widely before the pandemic) by car. At a certain point, from beyond the horizon, a big red moon appeared, veiled in black clouds. It was beautiful and, somehow, scary; it stayed in the black sky for a lot of time and I couldn't take my eyes off it (don't worry, I wasn't driving! ;) ) and I immediately thought that it looked like it was the moon of the last days of Earth, the days of the Apocalypse, fiery as it was and gazing at us from behind those black clouds. The melody came to my mind and now you can listen to it. I hope you'll enjoy this little trip in the future.

Whispers of the Night - Dark Ambient Music

After my dark drone ambient album Kòsmos, it's now time to go back to Gothic Dark Ambient Music! Here's my new song, Whispers of the Night. A little Christmas present ... hope you'll enjoy it, its dark atmosphere and the spirits that I wanted to join us from the otherworld.

Infinity - Dark Drone Ambient

Here it is: the last track of the album Kòsmos. As at the beginning of our journey we were looking at the sky during the night, now we are looking into the depths of it from the deep space, as if we were travelling on a spaceship: and, exactly as we were wondering if the sky was infinite while we were staring at it from Earth, now we most wonder where the space boundaries lay and, actually, if space has boundaries ...

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